Delivery/Availability Information

The availability estimate listed on the item detail page denotes the time taken to ship the book and does not reflect the transit time. Since we primarily print on demand, the availability estimate indicates how long it will take us to print and have the book shipped. Alternately, the book might have to be shipped from an overseas or remote location and might take longer to deliver.

The transit time is not included in the availability estimate because it depends on the shipping mode chosen during the final purchase.

If the availability of an item has changed since the order was placed, we will alert you of a change in status by email.

If you have purchased an eBook, the eBook file will be made available to you soon after your payment for that book is realised. To access your eBook,

  • Log in to dogears etc. by using your email and password
  • Click on the link titled "View Account" in the upper right corner. This will lead you to a page that has the eBook you recently purchased
  • Download the eBook and view it on an appropriate device. Mobi files can be viewed on the Kindle or on Kindle Fire, while ePub files can be viewed on Adobe Digital Edition, Calibre Reader, iPad, Kobo and on the Chromium browser using the Readium add-on.
  • Please note that the eBook file can be downloaded not more than 4 times and that it should not be shared with others.

For more information, email us at contact@