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We have often wondered if we really provide value to our customers. With so many other firms offering services similar to ours, it would be foolish to still stay around if we did not make a difference. We have therefore asked ourselves: Why should people do business with us? What should be their rationale for […]


Quite often, we find ourselves in situations where the author has “borrowed” images from the internet, assuming innocently that they are free to use. More often than not, such use is prohibited. Here are some things that you need to know before you use the “free images” available on the internet. Copyright protects the original […]


One frequent question that authors ask us concerns the cost of self-publishing. It is a fair question given that the authors foot the bill themselves and that many self-publishing companies advertise packages that indeed cost a lot. We have illustrated two books below that might give you a fair idea of what are the costs […]

As described so nicely in this article, reprints serve many purposes, especially by allowing scholarship to extend to texts hitherto unavailable for many reasons. Our publishing list consists of many such reprints, often published with a new cover, an introductory note, or a publisher’s note. Three such reprints can be seen in the slider below. […]


After postponing it many times for various reasons, we decided to have a panel discussion on the topic of self publishing, during the fourth edition of Publishing Next, held during the recently concluded World Book Fair. The panel discussed why we might see more people sign up for self publishing in the coming years, and […]


-Percy Parry ‘The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented is the book’. -Northrop Frye Considering that this statement was made with printed books in mind, will it still remain uncontested with the dawn of eBooks in the recent years? Comparing a book with an eBook is like comparing an analogue watch with […]


- Percy Parry ‘Poetry is plucking at the heartstrings, and making music with them.’-Dennis Gabor Sadly, today poets face a lot of problems while publishing their book. While other kinds of books (i.e. fiction and non fiction books and novels) have blossomed, poetry has remained right where it had been. Poetry has never seen the […]


Over the years, there has been much debate on the appropriate format that eBooks should have. The eBook format a buyer of eBooks chooses will often depend on the reading device that buyer has, on whether he/she wishes to have the purchase synced to more than one device and the buyer’s preferred vendor of eBooks. From […]