Classmates: Marking and Assessment

Classmates: Marking and Assessment

by Howard Tanner


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Assessment can be the hardest part of any teacher?s job. It is easy to fall into the trap of seeing it all as unnecessary paperwork and feeling guilty about not having done it properly. Marking and Assessment is packed full of practical advice on how to get the most out of assessment for you and your students. Contents: The Nature and Purposes of Assessment and Examination; Against what standard, by whom and for what purpose? ; Norm, criterion and ipsative referencing; Intelligence: a flawed concept?; The purposes of assessment ? The Formal Assessment and Examination System ; Reliability and validity ? Curriculum reform and the qualifications framework ? Maintaining standards? ? Gender issues in assessment ? Recording and Reporting; Planning for assessment ; Why do we record attainment?; What assessment records should you keep?; Formative Assessment; How should assessment inform your teaching?; Monitoring and evaluating the success of your teaching - using value-added data; Target setting for schools, departments and teachers ? Feedback and Marking Strategies; Marking their work; Target setting for pupils; Students? attitudes to assessment and learning ? Self-assessment and Learning to Learn; Involving children in their own assessment; Self-efficacy, metacognition and students? potential for self-regulated learning; Teaching students to learn from summative assessment. About the Author: Howard Tanner and Sonia Jones have between them thirty years of teaching experience. They are now senior academics at the University of Wales Swansea. Target Audience: Teachers.

Children and Young Adults
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