Statistical Methods For Practice And Research : A Guide To Data Analysis Using Spss

Statistical Methods For Practice And Research : A Guide To Data Analysis Using Spss

by Ajai S. Gaur, Sanjaya S. Gaur


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jacket condition:; There is an all-pervasive trend to use statistical methods to understand and explain various situations and phenomena in different disciplines. Managers, social scientists and practicing researchers are collecting more and more information and applying scientific methods to analyse the data. The ability to use statistical methods and tools becomes a crucial skill for the researchers in solving statistical problems using SPSS and to help them understand how they can use various statistical tools for their own research problems.

SPSS is a very powerful and user-friendly computer package for data analyses. It can take data from most other file-types and generate tables, charts, plots, and descriptive analyses. This book will help students, business managers, academics as well as practicing researchers to solve statistical problems using the latest version of SPSS (14.0). After providing a brief overview of SPSS and basic statistical concepts, the book covers:

- Descriptive statistics
- t-tests, chi-square tests and ANOVA
- Correlation analysis
- Multiple and logistics regression
- Factor analysis and testing scale reliability
- Advanced data handling

Illustrated with simple, practical problems, and with help of screen shots, this book outlines the steps for solving statistical problems using SPSS. Even though the illustrations are based on version 14.0 of SPSS, users of the earlier versions (10, 11, 12, 13) will find the book equally useful.;

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