Holy Sin

Holy Sin

by Shan


book synopsis/description:

He used to wipe away the beads of perspiration, which covered her body right from her face to her feet, the result of the strong flood lights.Though she sat like a stone in those occasions, when his hands caressed her body, he could feel her quick in-take of breath betraying her aloofness. She used to shut her eyes on the pretext of avoiding the glare of lights whenever he was near but the slight quiver of her lips betrayed her. He toweled her dry, made adjustments in her pose more frequently than actually necessary. In the intervals he covered her body with a large soft absorbent robe and led her to a divan for comfort. Her proximity, the woman smell emanating from her, the softness of her body all filled him with intense desire. Frequently than not, the robe fell open to reveal her full body. The morning papers carried the news. Bold headlines splashed across the front page itself. Dr. Akash was found dead with his head shattered by a gun shot. His body was found in an arm chair. And on the cot in the bed room upstairs were two bodies, man and woman, none other than Alex and Dolly. Both were shot at many times. When Sushil returned home Eddy was sitting outside. He looked up expectantly. Perhaps he expected good news. Sushil was gloomy and he knew that was it. Sushil gave him the cover, which was addressed to Eddy. He opened it with reverence. In it was the picture of Christ, on his knees, with hands raised to heaven. There was no caption but the scene was famous. It was the moment of truth. He was praying, ?Oh my father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless not as I will,but as thou wilt?. He cried. He said that he sinned and should pay for it. Sushil knew him to be correct, it was holy sin.

Fiction and Literature
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