by Peter Riedt


book synopsis/description:

This book is a fairy tale in which Suendeni, a princess, ventures into the world in search for answers that trouble her mind. She spends some time in the realm of a water king who proposes marriage to her, then joins a knight on his quest for the woman of his dreams as his squire, disguised as a male. The two rescue a witch who was about to be burned. They meet a dragon who becomes their friend and who had had a lover who now lives as an immortal somewhere far away. The knight obtains information about a kingdom whose people are looking for a new ruler after their king had died. They travel to the capital to enter a tournament, the winner of which would be installed as the new king. The knight is injured and remains unconscious in the care of a powerful lady.

Suendeni gets hold of an elixir from the underworld. It restores the knight to health but when he awakes from his coma and recognises the woman caring for him as the woman of his dreams, he decides to follow some other dream. Suendeni enters a foreign country through a secret door in the house of a senior witch. The queen of that country falls in love with Suendeni and sends her on an errand on which she meets the lover of the dragon. After completing her mission, the princess is compelled to seek out the victims of an evil wizard who had given Suendeni his magic wand out of a desire to redeem himself. The wizard had asked Suendeni to use the magic wand to undo the harm he had inflicted on his victims.

Eventually, Suendeni returns home but finds the ancestral castle destroyed. Her journey was full of adventures but she also acquired an awareness of the misery, suffering and injustice in the world and the understanding of the cause.

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Peter Riedt
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