A Journey Within the Self; A Diary of Yogic Experiences

A Journey Within the Self; A Diary of Yogic Experiences

by Raja Kodikal


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Told with unusual frankness . . . The voice of Truth has its own unmistakable authenticity . . . a model of non-appropriation. ?M P Pandit, The Hindu Journey is a true and unusual account . . . unputdownable. ?The Independent Extraordinary diary . . . rich contents . . . elegant, graceful style . . . leaves a lasting impression . . . stokes the fires of detachment and dispassion . . . A rare book that should not be missed by spiritual aspirants. ?S M, Prabuddha Bharata In this diary of yogic revelations Deepa Kodikal takes us on a gripping adventure of inner awakening. During the odyssey into the spiritual unknown we encounter rishis, yogis and deities, experience moments of mystical enchantment and the terror of entering nirvikalpa samadhi for the first time, riding the roller-coaster of spiritual excitement into the bliss and calm of atma dnyana, the self-realization. We come face to face with God attaining oneness with the Absolute Reality. Contents Man and God ? ?Vishwarupa??The Universal Form ? Man?God ? God and the Path ? The ?Sadguru? ? Dimensions of Knowledge ? Experiences I ? ?Sadguru? and the Trinity ? Five Divine Qualities ? The ?Nirvikalpa? State I ? The Divine Communication ? Meditation I ? The Inner Voice I ? Meditation II ? ?Vishwarupa??The Universal Form II ? True Meditation and ?Sahaja? Samadhi ? Inspiration and Creativity ? ?Avatar? and Me ? Shiva and Shakti ? Layers of the Mind ? One with the Universal ? The ?Nirvikalpa? State II ? Vishnu and Lakshmi ? The ?Nirvikalpa? State III ? Mind as Obstruction ? Duality and Non-Duality ? ?Ananda??Bliss ? The Lord and His Creation ? On Miracles ? Total Permeability, Equilibrium and Bliss ? The Compulsion to Write ? ?Avidya??Ignorance ? Samadhi and the Mind ? Freedom and the Projected World ? Experiences II ? The No-Mind ? Living in the Present ? The Dance of Shiva ? The Stopping of the Breath I ? Merging in the Lord ? Cellular Awareness and Cellular Transformation ? Dreams, Visions and Experience ? Death and Immortality ? The Inner Force ? ?Bhakti??Devotion I ? ?Aum? the Primal Sound ? ?Bhakti??Devotion II ? ?Siddhis??Powers ? Enlightenment, ?Maya? and Myself ? The Inner Voice II ? ?Nirvana? and Worship ? The Stopping of the Breath II ? The Inner Silence ? The Birth and Death of the Cosmos ? Love and ?Bhakti? ? Mind and ?Maya? ? What Is This Force? ? ?Spanda??A State of Subtle Vibration ? God Is Not the Creator of the Universe! ? Man and ?Maya? ? ?Kundalini Shakti??The Inner Force ? Experiences III ? Samadhi ? The Glowing Self and the Mind ? Rebirth and ?Karma? ? End of the Beginning ? Mind and Body in Spiritual Evolution ? The Years Roll By ? Glossary About the Author and the Editor Deepa Kodikal, a graduate in science, has varied tastes. She has taken training in playing the sitar, Indian dance and music, and glider-flying. She has written and directed plays, and is a painter. She is interested in ceramic art and gourmet cooking. Her Teachings of the Inner Light: A Blueprint for Right Living (also published by Viva) has received wide critical acclaim. The editor, Raja Kodikal, a science graduate and an industrialist, is himself a keen student of mysticism. He has made this selection from the author?s copious notes. Target Audience: General Public

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