All About Science Experiments;Investigate it

All About Science Experiments;Investigate it

by Joan Bentley


book synopsis/description:

This book contains 73 science experiments divided into six sections. Each experiment includes an investigation sheet on which students are asked to record their observation and conclusions. Contents ?Introduction: What?s in All About Science Experiments; Getting Ready; Conducting the Experiments; National Science Education Standards ? Liquids ? Cohesion and Adhesion: The Penny Spill; Water Works; Paper Buddies; Celery Surprise ? Surface Tension: Good clean Fun; All Washed Up; Take a Power ? Density: The Incredible Egg; Surf?s Up; Let it Drop; A Chip off the Old Potato; Great Eggs-pectations; Dancing Raisins ? Effects of Temperature: Plip, Plop, Drip, Drop; Water Wonder; Mix it Up ? Water Pressure: A Moo-ving Experiment ? Refraction: What do I See? ? Gases ? Air Takes Up Space: No Vacancy; Funnel Fun; Blow Out ? Air Exerts Pressure: Paper Magic; Bottled Up; Flip Flop; Rock-a-Bye Bottle; Egg Rescue; Eggstra-ordinary Experiment; Jug of Fun; Under Pressure; The Last Straw; Double Trouble; The Water Mystery; Follow the Bouncing Ball; Paper Play ? Effects of Temperature on Volume and Pressure: Unbelievable Balloons; It?s Cold in Here !; Funny Money; A Real Cool Experiment ? Properties and Changes ? Chemical: Cork Caper; The Big Balloon Takeoff; Penny Bath; The yolk?s on you; Mystery Messages; Woolly Wonder; Science in Full Bloom; Jack-O-Light; Festival of Lights ? Physical: Heating UP; Hot Stuff; Inka-Dinka-Do; Cool Cubes; Presto Change-O; Water Magic; Mystery Brew; Hot Bath - Cold Bath ? Sound: Crazy Kernels; A Real Humdinger; A Scratching Sound ? Static Electricity: ?I Get a Charge Out of You?; Springtime Science; Balloon Chase ? Forces ? Balanced and Unbalanced: House of Cards; Grade A Experiment ? Action and Reaction: All Gassed Up and Ready to Go; Balloon Jets ? Inertia and Momentum: Card Sharks; Quick Trick; Fast Cash ? Gravity: Look out Below; Drifting Down; Twirling Teacher; Can You Rock and Roll?; To the Point About the Author: Sarah Martin obtained a degree in biology from the University of California at Davis. Soon after graduation, she joined the Peace Corps where she served two years as a wildlife biologist in West Africa. After returning to the United States, she worked for a K-8 science publisher for four years before going out on her own. Target Audience: Students

Children and Young Adults
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