Expect the Unexpected

by Renuka Nayak


Welcome to the world of fear, betrayal and suspense...


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Book synopsis/description:

Welcome to the world of fear, betrayal and suspense...

In ‘The fear factor’, read to know what happens to Neha who is lost in the jungle on a dark, treacherous night, with a predator on her trail.

In ‘The Game’, four friends play Truth or Dare, until it takes a dangerous twist. Their quest for fun and adventure leads them to a night of dread and horror.

Who is the little boy who comes knocking at Maggie’s door on a cold night? Is it only a little boy or is it ‘Death Calling’?

In ‘Strangers’, Richard knocks at an unknown house to escape the fury of a storm blowing outside, unaware of the silent storm brewing inside that could change his life forever.

In ‘The Truth’, Joseph witnesses a girl falling to her death. After a few months, he sees her again. Was she for real or was his mind playing games with him?

These and other stories that will chill your spine...in ways unexpected!

About the author:

The author, Renuka Nayak, was born in Mumbai and spent a good part of her life in Africa and Cambodia. She currently lives in Mangalore. She is a teacher by profession and a mother to two naughty boys who keep her on her toes all day; yet the writer in her makes sure to write a few lines each day. She believes that she was born with a pen in her hand rather than a silver spoon in her mouth.

Other details:

ISBN 9789385523930
Category Fiction and Literature
Language English
Edition First
Published in 2016
Publisher CinnamonTeal Publishing

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