Salvaging Adidweep

by Sameer Bhagat


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Book synopsis/description:

Salvaging Adidweep is set in the civil-war zone of Adidweep.

It unfolds in the streets of New Delhi, when an assailantshot and grievously injures, the Kargil war hero, Surya, social worker Pragati,journalist Satya, and professor Rishi.

As they battle to stay alive, we retrace their steps andpeek into their dramatic lives. A few months earlier, the tyrannical ChiefMinister of Adidweep had pushed them into a corner, forcing them to join handsand challenge his political authority in an electoral battlefield. Besides, thefour had their own personal reasons for partaking in this crusade.

It was an audacious political battle against the mostpowerful opponent possible, a suicidal mission with armed left-extremistslurking in the background. However, for these courageous commoners it was anoble cause worth fighting for - as they attempted to salvage Adidweep. Onlytime would reveal whether they would succeed.

About the author:

Born in Ranchi, Sameer Bhagat spent his formative years inThe Scindia School, a boarding school in Gwalior. After graduating from HansRaj College, University of Delhi, he joined the State Bank Group and workedthere for almost a decade. Subsequently, he quit his job and returned to hisroots in Jharkhand to work among his people. One of his online ventures, TribalStuff, promotes traditional tribal arts and handicrafts; in addition he runs apopular blog, Focus Magazine. He lives in a conflict-ridden home state, part ofthe much-dreaded Red Corridor of India. His deep understanding of the groundreality has helped him to write this contemporary political drama.

Other details:

ISBN 9789386301369
Category Politics and Current Affairs
Language English
Edition First
Published in 2017
Publisher CinnamonTeal Publishing
Condition Brand New
Pages 220
Width 5.5 inches
Height 8.5 inches

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