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A portfolio of your drawings and illustrations for circulation among magazines and ad agencies

Author Resources

The following resources are based on articles provided by various persons on their personal blogs or while writing for magazines. The views expressed are their own and do not reflect those of CinnamonTeal. Readers are advised to take several opinions before publishing their book.

This page is still a work in progress, so keep visiting for more.

On Writing:
The 10 best books for writers
Top 10 writing tips
Actually getting some writing done
The importance of good characters in your novel
The importance of good grammar while writing
How writers turn people into words
Visualize scenes with a storyboard
Can't recollect who wrote it? Well, look it up
Factors to consider when plotting a novel

On Editing:
Every writer needs an editor
Tips for hiring an editor
Look up spellings quickly
Make your book shine
Revision checklist

On Book Design:
Parts of a book
Book Page Layout Tips
How to Format a Fiction Manuscript
How to layout a book with

Other Resources:
ISBN-related queries
The Journalist's Toolbox
Free and Commercial Stock Photgraphy

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