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Vengeance of Ravana
Book 7 of The Ramayana Series

EVIL NEVER DIES. It only changes form and shape. Ravana is dead. The asura threat is ended and Rama is on the throne of Ayodhya at last, seeking only to live in peace with his beloved Sita. But their peace does not last long. An old enemy breaks free of his subterranean prison to convey a shocking message. An army arrives at the gates of Ayodhya, led by a mysterious being bearing a terrible weapon. Gods descend upon earth. And in the end, besieged on every side, Rama makes a terrible tragic decision. But is he truly following his dharma or is he and everyone else merely being manipulated by the masterfully plannedůVengeance of Ravana!

The long-awaited 7th volume in the Ramayana Series begins an enthralling two-part conclusion to the epic sage. Followed by the stunning 8th and final volume Sons of Sita, coming soon.

AKB Books Edition

ISBN: 978-81-908031-3-7

274 pages/6"x9"/Paperback/$16 international+shipping