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Now Available

Vortal: Shockwave

An action-packed fantasy adventure by the author of The Ramayana Series and Gods Of War!

It all began when Mikey Vatsal accidentally discovered that new site on the Internet. The one that asks you to forfeit your soul to the Webmaster before entering. And which opens a quantum doorway that takes you to infinite alternate versions of our world. Each time a person opens the Vortal to go through to another world, another person gets shifted into our world, to maintain The Balance. Now the Vatsal family is locked in a life-and-death struggle to close the Vortal and restore our world to its normal state. But they seem to be facing a few obstacles. Several billion of them in fact.

AKB Books Edition

ISBN: 978-81-908031-1-3

230 pages/6"x9"/Paperback/$10 international+shipping