Jose's Dreams

Jose's Dreams

by Carmo D''Souza


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A hillock, adorned by a rivulet, stretch of golden sands , River Princess idling away at a distance ,a honeymoon pair meditating on the rocks - it’s Baga Beach. It’s a place of encounter, where the author meets in a photo flash chance with Jose and Nirmala , a mixed marriage couple. Nirmala sees behind this accidental meeting with the author the hand of the Goddess of Peace.

Jose ,the main character in the novel is obsessed with the problem of world order. He gets a sequence of dreams, which unravel to him the concepts of the past, so that he may find solutions to the problem of the present. The dreams are part of a promise by a beautiful lady, the Queen of Dreams. Niramala who believes in the guiding hand of destiny refers to her as the Goddess of Peace. Jose receives the visits in his dreams of several personalities, who take him through a guided tour of history.

The Queen of Dreams asks Jose to undertake a Yatra of India as to understand human experiences. As a coincidence their family friend Ram is devising marketing concept for tourist visiting India. He comes to invite Jose and Nirmala to join him in the tour. Nirmala sees in it the hand of the Goddess of Peace. So they undertake a Yatra which includes destinations like Tirumala, Mahabalipuram, Auroville Asharam, City of Joy and so on.

The last chapter is a discussion on a design for a world order amidst four prominent tourists who had come for the release of Ram’s Yatra brochure. That night the Goddess appears to Nirmala and gives the much-awaited sign that the book is to be released.

Goan born Canadian Lino Leitao, an eminent author and novelist in the Foreword writes:

“The brutalities of the past that man inflicted on man haven’t been abandoned at the present. Instead, man has armed himself with better weapons of mass destruction than before to kill his own kind, polluting the human spirit.

José’s Dream – New World Order, is a novel that cries out to remake this world not on the dreams of imperialistic greed, but on Peace and Love – the heritage of the human spirit.”

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Agnelo D'Souza
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