by Devapriya Mukherjee


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Catharsis is a collection of poems written over a period of ten years. The poems are mirrors to characters, incidents and situations that touched the poet, somewhere, sometime, somehow. All the poems state what, or how the poet must have perceived things, during a particular space in time. The poet is clearly in love with the beauty of words, and the timeless spell it creates while crystallizing tears, and laughters, and more importantly, all that lies between the two.

The enormity of our journey through the celebrations and misfortunes, and at the same time, its transience, is reflected in these poems. I do hope that my readers will rediscover themselves in my work. And that alone, shall qualify my work as poetry.

Devapriya Mukherjee is a freelance content writer. She lives in Kolkata with her husband and daughter.

A Word from the Author: To begin with, I write, because that gives me peace. When something moves me to the point where I feel choked until I pour it all out, I write. Yes, I am infectiously sensitive to the things happening around me, which could range from a pristine smile on a child's lips, to the hidden tear of someone mourning a loss. My poems are all reflections of how I perceive the world around me – the undercurrents of a struggle that is so intrinsic to human existence. I would also like to add that there are some emotions, thoughts, situations and events that take place in everyone's life that tend to lose their innate essence, if not captured carefully. Hence, I chose the pen … precisely to retain the beauty of what life has so generously offered - loss, misery, despair and of course, the eventual ‘sun shines'. My poems are me, my freedom, my refuge.

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