The Smart Merchant: Keeping your sanity in apparel export merchandising

by Yasmin Kaura, Padma Reddy


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This book looks under the hood of the apparel export industry and examines the real work of merchandisers’ within it. It follows the lifecycle of a product from development to shipping. Along the way, it explores the processes, people and paperwork required to do the job well. As merchandisers, you will find helpful hints and reminders to help you avoid common merchandising mistakes. The book is based in merchandising principles and methods currently applied in business. Along with the accompanying website, it is full of materials that will help you maintain a successful and fulfilling merchandising career!

Padma Reddy has been working in the apparel industry for the last 20 years heading quality and technical departments, managing production and operations. At present she is heading her own buying agency. She is involved in consulting, training and developing teams, implementing systems and in apparel and allied factories. A mathematics graduate from Delhi University, she is from the first batch of Garment Manufacturing Technology from NIFT, New Delhi. She is currently involved with the design and development of academic programs at the Triburg Center for Learning.

Yasmin Kaura has a degree in international business and a background in apparel marketing and merchandising. Over the years she has developed an interest in writing and has written articles for a variety of websites. At present she is involved in the research and writing of course material for the Triburg Center for Learning.

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