The Power of Purpose in Life

The Power of Purpose in Life

by Krishna Ganesh

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This book is written to emphasize the importance of having a purpose in one's life. Life, after all, must be led happily and having a purposeful life can ensure happiness. The current unrest and gloom in society are a result of people not having a definite goal in life. The mind, by nature, is negative and requires conscious efforts to turn positive. A strong purpose in life engages the mind constructively and turns it positive, thus bringing plenty of joy and happiness in one's life. This book talks in detail about the benefits of finding a purpose in life.

This book narrates the success stories of various ordinary individuals who had extraordinary dreams and became successful despite all odds. These anecdotes illustrate how people did not become successful by accident, rather did so because they worked hard and persevered to achieve their goal.

With 20 years of experience within the corporate world, Krishna Ganesh’s passion has been to inspire and motivate people to dream big and work towards realizing their dreams. He believes that life has to be led fully, with joy, and that this can happen only when we do things that we are passionate about. He gives motivational talks and conducts workshops to help people develop an aspiration in life and work towards attaining it. He does this because he believes that the joy we experience after having accomplished something far outweighs any comfort we may superficially get from various other sources.

When we read the biographies of successful people, one thing that stands out is the intense fire in their bellies - their desire to achieve success in their respective fields of work. This intensity coupled with hard work and perseverance has helped them succeed in life. The key to success is therefore to start with a fire in our belly. Krishna Ganesh can be contacted at [email protected].

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