Goa Through the Eyes of Fanchu Loyola

Goa Through the Eyes of Fanchu Loyola

by Carmo D'Souza

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The book invites the reader for a leisurely walk in the footsteps of Loyola over the Goan scenario. It gives the reader an insight into the complex Goan psyche of those days and the internal political situation in Portuguese India. It is a walk with Goa's Scarlet Pimpernel who appeared and disappeared from the Goan political scene to surface in Bombay or Portugal to carry on the struggle against injustice.

The book gives the reader, a pip into the then Legislative Council of Portuguese India. One will encounter a surprising defection and an assault in the Council, and incomprehensible political maneuvers similar to ones witnessed today. Loyola in several articles castigated the people's representatives for failing to stand for their dignity and that of the august Legislative Council against the pressure exerted by the Portuguese Governor General. He blamed the representatives for failing to take into consideration the interests of the people. In some of the articles he took to task the Parliamentarians and politicians of Portugal too for playing to the galleries.

Loyola's fiery pen did not spare the Governors of Portuguese India. When he was in his twenties he threatened Governor General Couceira through a Carta Politica for infringing on the Freedom of Press. The letter was a response to the ban on his paper Jornal de India. Loyola kept up this commitment later with almost half a dozen Governors. Whenever the authorities banned one paper he would appear with another under different name and from a different place. British India was his second home whenever the political environment was unfriendly in Goa.

The book analyses some of the landmarks set by Loyola in Goan Legal History with respect to Civil and Political Liberties. Among them are his Carta Politica of 1913, Speech of 1932, and his trial at the Military Tribunal in 1946. Loyola was the uncrowned King of Goan Politics of the first half of twentieth century. He was a champion of Human Rights and Women emancipation.

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Goan Writers, Portuguese Goa