Love Beyond Life and Peace Beyond Words: The True Story of a Unique Re-union

Love Beyond Life and Peace Beyond Words: The True Story of a Unique Re-union

by Bency Zacharia

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This book throws open the personal experiences of a mother who lost her son at a prime age of 17 years. In her quest to find answers to the most difficult questions that derails most human beings at the loss of a loved one, she stumbles upon the chance to communicate with her dear departed son. And she grabs that opportunity with both hands. Throughout the book, we can find moments of anxiety and yet, in the end, we are relieved to see a mother's determined efforts bearing fruit in establishing a connection. The Q&A; section of the book answers most of the questions that we have about our life and what happens thereafter, explained in a simple yet subtle way. The author hopes to provide those in desperation over the loss of a beloved one with some solace and hope with this book.

about the author:

Bency Zacharia is a mathematics teacher by profession. She has taught in various Indian and International schools in India, Kuwait, Dubai, Lebanon, and Turkey. She is the co-author of the book Live Like Tom (August, 2011). She lives in Dubai with her husband and daughter. Apart from teaching and writing, painting is her passion, and she likes to do oil paintings the best.

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Kiwi Books
Human Bonds, Relationship