by Sharan K

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book synopsis/description:

'Mask' is the heart touching story of a young bride, Neera, whose fairy-tale vision of marriage is shattered when, on her first trip abroad, her husband announces that he has no intentions of honoring his wedding promises and Neera is faced with the daunting prospect of living life alone in a new country. Resolving not to let the circumstances weigh her down she starts afresh, with a new job and new outlook on life.

She finds love again with the suave and charming Nishant, but the ghosts of her past marriage refuse to die down. Neera's husband Arjun returns to the scene declaring that he intends to live and start a family with Neera. Nishant's family meanwhile arranges his wedding to family friend, Ritu. Unable to keep pace with her rapidly changing fate, Neera breaks down.

It is then upto Nishant to assure her of the sanctity of their love and to rediscover the deep and inexplicable sense of oneness that belongs to those who choose love over fear. Poignant, insightful and thought-provoking, it will touch a chord with women all over the world.

about the author:

Sharan K is a writer, philanthropist and a social activist who collaborates with people in their emotional healing and spiritual growth. She actively volunteers for charity organisations engaged in working with people with terminal illnesses and participates in programmes which educate people about STIs, their risks and causes, and management of the physical and emotional ramifications resulting from them.

Fiction and Literature
Year of Publication:
CinnamonTeal Publishing
Romance, Aids, Betrayal