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After your book has been written, edited and laid out and ready to be printed, you need to start thinking about ways to market it so that people know about your book and set out to buy it. Book marketing, perhaps, is most ignored by authors when they could themselves be the most passionate salesperson […]

Perhaps there is no greater pleasure on earth, than being immersed in a good book. For me, it has to especially be crime fiction. I guess I will be eternally indebted to innumerable authors who have lightened up my life every single day. How much ever crappy the day was at work, the thought of […]

by Claire Odogbo, Author of “Learning to Learn” I recently had a conversation with a senior colleague at work. She told me that she didn’t consider herself to be intelligent. I was shocked because I KNEW she was intelligent - I mean, that is how she got to rise in such a highly competitive environment […]

The drums have started beating faster – presumably announcing the death of the ‘physical’ book in the near future. It’s the age of PADS and PODS and everything is hyphenated with an ‘e’ or an ‘i’. Who would want to hold a dumb ol’ book between the thumb and pinky and ONLY read…when one can […]

My romance with crime fiction started way back during my childhood. Thanks to Enid Blyton. Holidays, especially summer holidays meant trekking to the nearest library. The library close to my home in Malleswaram, Bengalooru, was actually a hole in the wall. It was a 10 feet by 15 feet window-less shop. Books were piled and […]

U. A. Kiran was born in Cannanore in Kerala, India. From Kerala, he came to Howrah in West Bengal to learn Bengali, Hindi and finally English which became the medium of expression and the language of his creativity. Having completed his Diploma in Management in West Bengal he worked in Andhra Pradesh for some time. […]

While the jury is still out on whether the demise of the printed form of the book is near, what is almost certain is that readers will choose to consume the contents of the book in whatever manner they see fit. While e-books have made the news thanks to the Kindle and the iPad, audiobooks […]

Grammar Nazis and the Zen Grammarian Towards the fag end of the second World War, a rumour was running through the Allied countries, characterized by this paragraph from Time Magazine: “But what of the top Nazis who cannot hide? With a compact army of young SS and Hitler Youth fanatics, they will retreat, behind a […]