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We have often wondered if we really provide value to our customers. With so many other firms offering services similar to ours, it would be foolish to still stay around if we did not make a difference. We have therefore asked ourselves: Why should people do business with us? What should be their rationale for […]

Learning to write

by Ben Antao When the well-known Konkani writer Damodar Mauzo told me in January 2011 that my stories in English are really Konkani stories and that the only reason I write them in English is because of my greater fluency in the English language, his critical insight dazzled me. I mentioned that having been away […]


We have constantly endeavoured to bring old titles back in print, thereby taking advantage of our design and print-on-demand capabilities. We have done this often before, both for the State Central Library, Goa and also as part of our own publishing programme. This time we have 3 titles on offer, two on the enigmatic Moghul, […]


The title of this is post is borrowed from a recent article in the Huffington Post  that wonders if self-publishing authors are spoiling the party for everyone. In their hurry to create blockbusters, authors, the article argues, are ignoring the basic tenets of writing and resorting to cheap gimmicks to sell their book. The author […]


It has been a pleasure to work with Ben Antao. Originally from the Goan village of Velim, Ben cut his teeth in journalism while working at the Indian Express as a reporter. He subsequently migrated to Canada where he works a certified financial planner. Ben’s heart, though, still beats for Goa and the numerous books […]


Commander Deepak K L Shergill, psc. , author of The Beast of the Dragon (CinnamonTeal, 2012) took voluntary retirement from the Indian Navy on 1st September 1999 after over 23 years of service. He now sails as a Master Mariner on AHTSVs and has extensive experience and insight in the working of offshore oil fields. […]


In a couple of months from now, we will be launching our own e-book development and distribution service via and While the technical aspects of this service are ready, a few loose ends to be tied and we will be ready to go. Although e-book development and sales services are already available widely, […]


In April 2011, CinnamonTeal published Shruti Swaminathan, who was then and still is the youngest author we have published. Impressed by her command over the English language at such a young age, we asked her to tell us what inspires her to write. Here is her story. I began writing at the age of six. […]