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CinnamonTeal Newsletter - November 2014

December 10, 2014 No Comments Newsletter

November 2014


Launch of 3 titles during forthcoming GALF
The forthcoming Goa Arts and Literary Festival (GALF), scheduled for 4-7 December, will witness the launch of two titles published by CinnamonTeal and of one published by a new “sister imprint”, Under the Peepal Tree. The titles published by CinnamonTeal are “A Railway Runs Through: Goans of British East Africa, 1865-1980″ by Selma Carvalho, and “Happy Valley Daze” by Pete Judd (see listing below), while that published by Under the Peepal Tree is “Mirage and other stories” by Damodar Mauzo and translated from the Konkani by Vidya Pai.

Launch of new imprint
A new imprint, Under the Peepal Tree, has been launched to promote translations of books in Indian and foreign languages into English, primarily for the Indian reader. The first title published under this imprint will be “Mirage and other stories” by Damodar Mauzo and translated from the Konkani by Vidya Pai. The book is scheduled for release during the forthcoming Goa Arts and Literary Festival (GALF), on 5th December 2014. More details about this imprint can be viewed on its website.

Pop-Up bookstall at GALF
CinnamonTeal Publishing will be putting up a pop-up bookstall during the forthcoming Goa Arts and Literary Festival (GALF), scheduled for 4-7 December. It is hoped that initiatives such as these will improve the visibility of its publications and expose the authors to a larger audience. Books related to Goa, or authored by Goans, will be displayed at the stall.

New Features:

eBooks with embedded videos
CinnamonTeal Publishing has successfully delivered enhanced books with embedded videos as part of its ebook development service. This feature has been requested by many authors, especially those of children’s and cookery books. These books, coded manually to ensure that the appearance remains consistent across all devices, are compatible with the Android, Kindle and iBook platforms.
Visit our website for more details on this service.

Blog posts:

“Free Images” at a price!
Quite often, we find ourselves in situations where the author has “borrowed” images from the internet, assuming innocently that they are free to use. More often than not, such use is prohibited. Here are some things that you need to know before you use the “free images” available on the internet. Read more

The best route for entrepreneur authors
Many entrepreneurs have entertained the idea of writing a book, whether to share their expertise, to narrate their experiences of setting up a business, to establish the company’s brand, or to mentor others who are venturing into businesses of their own. After they have written their book, however, they are faced with conflicting choices. Read more

The Cost of Self Publishing - II
One frequent question that authors ask us concerns the cost of self-publishing. It is a fair question given that the authors foot the bill themselves and that many self-publishing companies advertise packages that indeed cost a lot. We have illustrated two books below that might give you a fair idea of what are the costs involved. These examples are based on actual books we have published. Read more

New Releases:

release1 release2 release3 release4
The Pune Diaries Happy Valley Daze Rising Daughter, Silent Mother and Fading Grandmother Are You?
by Anand Subhuti by Pete Judd by Rekha Kurup by Steve Anderson
ISBN:978–93–84129–49–1 ISBN:978–93–84129–51–4 ISBN:978–93–84129–47–7 ISBN:978–93–83175–43–9
Price: Rs.199/- Price: Rs.249/- Price: Rs.629/- Price: Rs.249/-
Epub Epub Paperback Epub
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