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Crowdfunding for Authors

While the concept has been around for quite some time, crowdfunding hasn’t been taken quite seriously as a means to fund self-published books. This article […]

It’s a Jungle Out There

Our focus on working with serious authors, those who are themselves passionate about the art of writing and are intent on developing a good book […]

Why should people do business with us?

We have often wondered if we really provide value to our customers. With so many other firms offering services similar to ours, it would be […]

Packages can be deceptive

Those familiar with the way CinnamonTeal Publishing operates know that it is loathe to offer self-publishing packages. We have always believed that packages skew the […]

Choosing an e-reader

Okay, so you have purchased an e-book, paid for it and see it land in your inbox. What do you do next and how does […]

CinnamonTeal Newsletter - November 2014

Newsletter November 2014 News: Launch of 3 titles during forthcoming GALF The forthcoming Goa Arts and Literary Festival (GALF), scheduled for 4-7 December, will witness […]

Self-publishing myths that hinder a good publishing experience

Many author, unaware of the potential of self-publishing, as also of its demands, harbour notions that may render the entire self-publishing experience an unpleasant one […]

“Free Images” at a price!

Quite often, we find ourselves in situations where the author has “borrowed” images from the internet, assuming innocently that they are free to use. More […]

by Frederick Noronha, Publisher, Goa,1556 Goa — which teetered on the brink of collapse in the tumultuous seventeenth century — actually became a thriving cultural, religious and diplomatic hub in the eighteenth century, says a new book on the subject. ‘Globalising Goa (1660-1820)’ by historian Ernestine Carreira of the Universite d’Aix-Marseille in France, says Goa […]

As described so nicely in this article, reprints serve many purposes, especially by allowing scholarship to extend to texts hitherto unavailable for many reasons. Our publishing list consists of many such reprints, often published with a new cover, an introductory note, or a publisher’s note. Three such reprints can be seen in the slider below. […]

After postponing it many times for various reasons, we decided to have a panel discussion on the topic of self publishing, during the fourth edition of Publishing Next, held during the recently concluded World Book Fair. The panel discussed why we might see more people sign up for self publishing in the coming years, and […]


“The Fama of Menino Jesus of Colvá. Faith and Festivity across History”, a book by José Venâncio Machado, was launched at a function at the District Library in Navelim, Goa, on 12 October 2013. The book was launched at the hands of Justice Eurico Santana Da Silva, Former Judge of High Court of Bombay, and […]

Jason A. Howie

-Percy Parry Traditional publishers have right from the beginning decided whether or not to publish a book based on the platform that the author’s book can generate in the market. And many aurthors think that approaching a traditional publisher is more beneficial because the traditional publishers have a better idea of the type of market […]


- Percy Parry The battle between the traditional paperbacks and the digital books goes on, mainly because of our endless love for them both. Now this often makes us wonder, or it at least makes me wonder, is there going to come a day where traditional paperbacks will finally become extinct? Or will it be […]